Moncton, Tuesday, April 16, 2024 –

The third session of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent has commenced today at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, running until April 19, 2024, under the theme “The Second International Decade for People of African Descent: Combating Systemic Racism, Restorative Justice, and Sustainable Development.“

The NBPCPAD , a defender of the rights and well-being of people of African descent in New Brunswick, will play a role in this session. Represented by its founder, Phylomène Zangio, along with two other council members accompanying her, they will actively participate in defining priorities and actions to promote the rights of our community.

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to engage in four high-level thematic discussions, including topics such as reparations, sustainable development, education, culture, recognition, and challenges to be addressed for the upcoming International Decade for People of African Descent.

Mamadou Oury Diallo, President of the Council for People of African Descent, is with the CCUNESCO delegation, expressing the importance of this meeting: “This session provides a crucial platform to discuss the challenges faced by people of African descent and to develop concrete strategies towards sustainable recognition and development. ”

“We are determined to advance this cause for a more inclusive and equitable future for all”, says Mrs Phylomène Zangio.

The New Brunswick Provincial Council for People of African Descent remains committed to its mandate to promote fundamental rights, equality, and the well-being of the African community in New Brunswick, and will continue to work diligently towards this goal.